1212180204407089NEORCHA “Applied Mobile Order”

In a chaotic world of digital technology and online communications, Neorcha stands out as an advanced business hub creating order between your business and target customers.

Neorcha’s main profile consists in developing mobile applications across a range of industries boosting sales by improving direct customer interactions and commitment.

Our applications main target is to turn passive consumers into active customers.

That’s how the inspiration of creating order out of chaos gave birth to our name, NEORCHA.

With a core high level expertise in mobile applications development and platform integration, Neorcha team focuses on identifying new industry trends to develop intelligent framework delivering solid results that ensure client’s advance in any business.

By using Neorcha solutions, companies can rapidly spread their customized company’s application. Internal management, customer information, customer service, web content, sales teams or business intelligence analysts, all can benefit from using our solutions.

Inspired by the power of data, we combine mobile expertise with a commitment to understanding our customers’ needs.  We see opportunities to make connections that thrive and grow in today’s fast changing world.

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