Rosewood launching Neorcha myHotel

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Luxury five-star Rosewood Abu Dhabi makes service stand out with the latest mobile app technology from Neorcha that gives guests access to a range of different services throughout their stay.

Rosewood Abu Dhabi is set to revolutionize the hotel guest experience with the launch of the Neorcha myHotel mobile app. Giving guests direct access to a range of hotel services throughout the guest journey, from pre-arrival to post-stay.

Dubai, UAE 14 June 2017 – global hospitality management software company Xn protel Systems and Neorcha today announced that Rosewood has implemented the Neorcha mobile application in its brand-new Rosewood hotel in Abu Dhabi. The application creates guest loyalty and encourages direct bookings and upsells, before, during and after the guest’s stay.


Rosewood Abu Dhabi is the brand’s first presence in the United Arab Emirates. Defining new standards, this five-star hotel offers locals and tourist a distinct and personalized luxury lifestyle experience in the heart of the city. Rosewood Abu Dhabi features 154 spacious guestrooms and 35 luxurious suites offering dramatic views of the Arabian Gulf and the Abu Dhabi skyline.

With a warm and sophisticated residential style, this 34-story tower offers a unique interpretation of Middle East architectural elements with comfortable furnishings and warm color palettes representative of the region’s rich history.


As strategic partners, Xn protel Systems and Neorcha help hotels deliver exceptional guest experiences. The Neorcha myHotel mobile app (iOS, Android, BlackBerry) is a fully native application that provides additional functionality for in-room hotel technology, which can be used on a guest’s own mobile device, or on provided in-room devices. It integrates with the property’s hospitality systems and, with connection to the PMS, provides a wider range of functionality to the guest’s mobile device.



Ravi Veerasawmy, CHTP | Director of Information Technology, Rosewood Abu Dhabi said: “We sought out the latest technologies for Rosewood Abu Dhabi so that we can provide our guests what they need, where and when they want it. Exceptional guest experience is paramount for us.


Ravi continues, “We are looking forward to working with Xn protel and Neorcha as they provide the right technology, knowledge and support for our business.”


Emmanuel Clavé, VP Gulf Countries and India, Xn protel Systems comments: “We are delighted to have been selected by the luxurious Rosewood Abu Dhabi for our product myHotel by Neorcha. The myHotel app is providing the latest in technology integration to all their guests, using an in-room device or their own personal device; whether Android or iOS.”


Roger El Khoury, Managing Director of Neorcha commented: “We are delighted to introduce the Neorcha myHotel mobile app to the discerning guests of the Rosewood Abu Dhabi and to provide them with a range of hotel services at the touch of a button. Through our strategic partnership with Xn protel Systems we look forward to introducing many more hotels to our technology which is designed to enhance the guest experience and improve guest loyalty.”

NEORCHA myHotel app: Benefits of Beacon Technology

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Leading technology solutions provider for the hospitality sector, NEORCHA, believes beacon technology is the latest trend to bolster hotel services – integrating with existing hotel technology to provide innumerable benefits to hotel guests and operations teams.

Providing context identification, beacons provide positioning and detection, and make smart phones even ‘smarter’. And when combined with analytics, beacons provide a way for hotels to connect with customers, like no other.

Now featuring heavily in retail stores, beacons quickly detect the location of a customer, and just as quickly push messages to that customer that promote goods, services, and other useful information, pertaining to the brand using the beacon.

In a hospitality environment, this technology has the potential to revolutionize customer experiences that enable best-in-class guest services through the ability to capture a guest’s attention, entice them to experience hotel services, customize hotel privileges and streamline operations processes, such as check-in and check-out.

It’s a win-win for guest satisfaction and hotel revenue. Let’s explore.

Beacon technology simplifies navigation within the hotel. Thinking practically, imagine a guest’s surprise when they can locate a friend within the hotel, pinpoint their own location within the hotel to receive in-room dining, or receive push notifications regarding relevant information such as online registration for services, or completion of housekeeping services.

This technology allows proactive consideration of simple hotel activities that would benefit from simplification, such as navigation and way-finding, and the ability to anticipate the needs of guests, based on their location and the time being spent at that location.

Commercially this is lucrative as well, as for the first time ever, hotels can send the right information to the right guest at the right location at precisely the right time in their decision making process.

From the time that hotel guests arrive at the airport, they can receive a notification that prompts them to book a room at the said hotel. Then, based on guest preferences, their location will trigger automatic offers for spa treatments, restaurants and other hotel services, as well as targeted offers and promotions.

In order for beacon technology to be successful, it is essential that hotel operators select the right mobile technology partner – a provider that not only understands technology, but understands how that technology can be implemented to meet business needs and achieve operational success.

This includes implementing necessary integrations with CRS, PMS and CRM systems that enable hotel operators to take advantage of promoting hotel services that result in increased revenue.

Selecting the right beacon for business needs, is about looking for the best infrastructure for ease of management, monitoring and deployment. For example, beacon choice differs depending on location specifications, which might be better suited to battery powered or USB powered options available.

Beacon providers must also install Bluetooth devices and management software of these devices in order to power the hotel app, which will be used to communicate location-based services and benefits to hotel guests.

Key to take-up and usage is the ability for hotel operators to ensure the right selection of beacon technology, the right technology partner, strong security, as well as clear and well-implemented privacy rules to reassure hotel guests.

Meet us at IHTF 2015 Barcelona

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Hello, come and meet us at IHTF 2015 Barcelona and discover how you can benefit from NEORCHA sarl mobility platform services. Looking forward to meeting you


Rocco Forte Hotels signs an agreement with Neorcha

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Rocco Forte Hotels signs an agreement with Neorcha to develop their mobile app to meet their guests' travel needs.Rocco Forte Hotels' guests will benefit from a complete mobile app solution that will revolutionise their experience before, during and after their stay with an access to a range of services including pre-arrival arrangements, booking capabilities (Room, Spa, Restaurants), concierge services, in room dining ordering, view bill and more ...

Neorcha myCheckin app presented by Microsoft at GITEX Dubai

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Neorcha checkin app was presented on Microsoft booth at GITEX Dubai with a great press release coverage.

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