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Meet us at IHTF 2015 Barcelona

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Hello, come and meet us at IHTF 2015 Barcelona and discover how you can benefit from NEORCHA sarl mobility platform services. Looking forward to meeting you


About Roger El Khoury

Roger El Khoury has over 20 years’ international experience in hospitality technology and revenue management, gained in the Middle East and Europe. In 2012, Roger established NEORCHA, with a vision of creating one of the leading mobile applications companies in the world. Inspired by data, Roger combines his mobile expertise with a commitment to understanding customer needs and then making opportune connections, which help NEORCHA’s clients thrive and grow in today’s ever-changing technological world. Starting his career as an IT service expert in the hotel sector, Roger is now one of the leading experts on IT service solutions, and has an innate understanding of how systems can be used to identify effective and innovative solutions for complex business activities. As Managing Director and Founder of NEORCHA, Roger is responsible for overseeing Business Development, Product Management, Research and Development, as well as Project and Implementation Management. Roger offers unparalleled insights into customer needs and priorities, and how to integrate these into collaborative and interactive mobile applications that turn a company’s passive customers into active customers. He is passionate about ensuring complete alignment with a customer’s business needs and strives to exceed client expectations.