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NEORCHA myHotel app: Benefits of Beacon Technology

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Leading technology solutions provider for the hospitality sector, NEORCHA, believes beacon technology is the latest trend to bolster hotel services – integrating with existing hotel technology to provide innumerable benefits to hotel guests and operations teams.

Providing context identification, beacons provide positioning and detection, and make smart phones even ‘smarter’. And when combined with analytics, beacons provide a way for hotels to connect with customers, like no other.

Now featuring heavily in retail stores, beacons quickly detect the location of a customer, and just as quickly push messages to that customer that promote goods, services, and other useful information, pertaining to the brand using the beacon.

In a hospitality environment, this technology has the potential to revolutionize customer experiences that enable best-in-class guest services through the ability to capture a guest’s attention, entice them to experience hotel services, customize hotel privileges and streamline operations processes, such as check-in and check-out.

It’s a win-win for guest satisfaction and hotel revenue. Let’s explore.

Beacon technology simplifies navigation within the hotel. Thinking practically, imagine a guest’s surprise when they can locate a friend within the hotel, pinpoint their own location within the hotel to receive in-room dining, or receive push notifications regarding relevant information such as online registration for services, or completion of housekeeping services.

This technology allows proactive consideration of simple hotel activities that would benefit from simplification, such as navigation and way-finding, and the ability to anticipate the needs of guests, based on their location and the time being spent at that location.

Commercially this is lucrative as well, as for the first time ever, hotels can send the right information to the right guest at the right location at precisely the right time in their decision making process.

From the time that hotel guests arrive at the airport, they can receive a notification that prompts them to book a room at the said hotel. Then, based on guest preferences, their location will trigger automatic offers for spa treatments, restaurants and other hotel services, as well as targeted offers and promotions.

In order for beacon technology to be successful, it is essential that hotel operators select the right mobile technology partner – a provider that not only understands technology, but understands how that technology can be implemented to meet business needs and achieve operational success.

This includes implementing necessary integrations with CRS, PMS and CRM systems that enable hotel operators to take advantage of promoting hotel services that result in increased revenue.

Selecting the right beacon for business needs, is about looking for the best infrastructure for ease of management, monitoring and deployment. For example, beacon choice differs depending on location specifications, which might be better suited to battery powered or USB powered options available.

Beacon providers must also install Bluetooth devices and management software of these devices in order to power the hotel app, which will be used to communicate location-based services and benefits to hotel guests.

Key to take-up and usage is the ability for hotel operators to ensure the right selection of beacon technology, the right technology partner, strong security, as well as clear and well-implemented privacy rules to reassure hotel guests.

About Roger El Khoury

Roger El Khoury has over 20 years’ international experience in hospitality technology and revenue management, gained in the Middle East and Europe. In 2012, Roger established NEORCHA, with a vision of creating one of the leading mobile applications companies in the world. Inspired by data, Roger combines his mobile expertise with a commitment to understanding customer needs and then making opportune connections, which help NEORCHA’s clients thrive and grow in today’s ever-changing technological world. Starting his career as an IT service expert in the hotel sector, Roger is now one of the leading experts on IT service solutions, and has an innate understanding of how systems can be used to identify effective and innovative solutions for complex business activities. As Managing Director and Founder of NEORCHA, Roger is responsible for overseeing Business Development, Product Management, Research and Development, as well as Project and Implementation Management. Roger offers unparalleled insights into customer needs and priorities, and how to integrate these into collaborative and interactive mobile applications that turn a company’s passive customers into active customers. He is passionate about ensuring complete alignment with a customer’s business needs and strives to exceed client expectations.