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  • Education Mobile Solution – mySchool App

    Education Mobile Solution – mySchool App

    Life at university is about more than learning. It’s a once in a lifetime experience for students and for many the best days of their life. You can transform the appeal of your college or university with new technology designed to enable connections…

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  • Hospitality Mobile Solution – myHotel App

    Hospitality Mobile Solution – myHotel App

    The hotel industry has never been more demanding. As mobile technology has taken off your clients, your employees and anyone you need to reach out to expect access to information 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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  • Neorcha Tablet app Check-in solution -myCheckin

    Neorcha Tablet app Check-in solution -myCheckin

    Check-in is your guests’ first real experience of your establishment. For guests, check-in can often be fraught with uncertainty and queues when all they want is to get to their rooms and relax after a hard journey or a long day. You can transform your guests’ check in experience with Neorcha myCheck-in.

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  • Restaurant iPAD Solution – myDining App

    Restaurant iPAD Solution – myDining App

    Neorcha offers you an Ipad solution for your restaurant making the daily routine easier with a better management tool.Easy management of your promotions from the admin portal with instant update on your Ipads…

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  • It’s quick and easy to use and can drive additional bookings and revenue

  • Your customer’s experience is enhanced at the same time as your acquisition costs are reduced

  • Revolutionise your in-house customer experience

  • Your guest experience at check-in is transformed from what can be stressful for guests to one where they’re immediately able to get engaged in the process

  • Your diners’ experience is enhanced right from the start

  • You can pair wine with suitable dishes to help ensure food and drink are perfectly matched

  • Printing costs are minimised or eliminated

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